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Working with Dwane Knapp has been a pleasure!!! He was super-fast at replacing a part on our well, after hours and on the weekend!! He also helped us with a filter system and gave us great information about our well!! Highly recommended!!!

 Margie Chamberlin 


I've known the Knapp family for more than half of my life. Very wonderful people who are extremely dedicated on doing a great job. Above and beyond is more than an understatement. or should I say above and below haha. You will be more than happy with your results. Might even make a few friends while your at it.

 Jason Case


Nothing but great things to say about Knapp drilling. He was fast affordable and very professional. I will recommend him over and over again. Thank you so very much. Job well done happy customer!

 Bonie Boyce Butler


Dwayne was an awesome guy to work with, he was able to figure out what was wrong with our well, ordered the parts and had us up and running in just a few days, also was open to add some plumbing work to his day for me, I would highly recommend him.

Gayle Weaver Nyland


I have been using Dwayne for years. Always on time, easy to work with, gets the job done at a fair price. Can't recommend enough.

 Daniel Frishman 


Knapp Drilling and Dwayne are the best! Dwayne has helped us with our wells and always knows the best solution that will save us money. Thank you Dwayne!

 Jeanette Mietzner Griffin  


A Big thank you to Knapp Drilling ! Had a problem with our well, after trying to trouble shoot myself the problem I gave them a call .Explained the problems, they were able to QUICKLY IDENTIFY the problem over the phone, took their advice and the problem was fixed !! they were very polite, professional, and. more than willing to help. If any of my friends have problems with their well CALL KNAPP DRILLING, you won't be disappointed!!

Greg Maneman 


Did excellant job drilling my well!!

Bill Bratrud  


Thanks for going out of your way to help us out yesterday!

 Jennifer Kuhns


Just a few days before we were having family visit from California, our 20 year old well gave out. I was hoping it was just the pressure switch but that didn’t fix things. On recommendations of a friend, I called Dwane Knapp of Knapp Drilling. It was the weekend but he gave me some suggestions for testing and even sold me a controller. I had a spare pressure tank from what was going to be a family well system and he had me change out the old one. Turns out it was failing and full of sediment.

Even with the new pressure switch, controller, and pressure tank, it still wasn’t working right so I called him Sunday afternoon to ask for his help. He came out that Monday (the next day) to further test and make things work. In the end, I had him replace the pump, piping, and wire. He told me the wire and piping were probably OK but with 20 years on them, I wanted everything new. I really appreciated his honesty and professionalism. He completed the work that day.

Dwane’s price was more than fair, the quality of his work exceptional, and I recommend him for anyone needing a new well or repairs to an existing system. He is located on Harstine Island near Shelton.

 Robin Goodwin


Knapp Drilling worked on our well twice, replacing pressure tanks and piping. Price was good. Dwayne was very professional.

 Nelson Merrill


A gentleman. Good work and service.

 Sue Burts


Knapp has worked for us more than once with great results. Always prompt and very knowledgeable

 Kayce Benson


We received a bid to drill a well on our raw land out on Harstine Island from another well-drilling contractor that does a great deal more advertising. We were shocked at a near $20K total price and decided to search out a second bid for the job. A friend told us about Knapp Drilling, Inc., stating he was local, had a true knowledge of the Pacific NW region, and had equipment the other company did not have that could provide a well at a substantially less cost to us. We decided to request a bid from him, which turned out to be a deal for him to drill our well. The news we gained was proved most certainly true, as our well ended up being a FRACTION OF THE COST of the first company.

Not only that, when we attempted to hook up to the well a year later we made a mistake with our water line which caused a serious leak. We called Knapp Drilling with our panic, and he was out on our site within a matter of three hours properly assessing AND repairing in a short matter of time!

We could not give a higher recommendation to this company. If it were possible to give Knapp Drilling ten stars, we would certainly do that! If you are looking for old-fashioned service from a truly knowledgeable expert with genuine and fair pricing for the honest work he provides, give Knapp Drilling a call. You might get a message machine, but he'll get back to you so fast it won't matter you got the machine! You will not regret your decision to go with Knapp Drilling--from a financial perspective, as well as peace of mind you'll have for the well and follow-up service you will end up with.

It has often been said that word of mouth is the best way to get the right fit for your need. This was certainly true for us. The big yellow page ad featuring the big company with the big price tag could not hold a candle to Knapp Drilling in comparison to fast, friendly, reliable service, and quality well installation.

 WIlderbuers Family

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